Troubleshooting: Why my remote does not work any more?

Question: My remote worked well for quite a long time, why it does not work all a sudden?

The remote for electric curtain tracks and electric roller blinds are designed for long durance operation in indoor use. There will be a few different reasons why it stops working.

  1. The battery is flat after a long period;

    Reason: The current battery runs out. Sometime even you did not use it, the buttons might be pressed by various reasons, for example, it has been put under a heavy books.

    Solution: Please replace the battery. 

  2. The remote is switched to control a different channel;

    Reason: As you may know, our remote can control up to 8 sets of electric curtains individually without interference by putting each motor a different number from 1 to 8. If your remote has been pressed the number keys, it will send signal to a different motor channel.

    Solution: Please press once your motor number to switch the channel back. By factory settings, the motor number will be 8. Of if you do not know the channel number, simply test the operation (open/close/stop) before you press the number 1 to 8 each time. There should be only one channel working for your specific motor. Unless you changed the channel again by pressing other numbers, you can operate the motor without pressing the number again.

  3. Remote is broken and does not send Infrared (IR) signals;

    Reason: The remote is damaged or left in wet places for some time. The chip should be damaged during such situations.

    Solution: Please contact us for a replacement. If you have a video camera or a mobile camera, you can also check if there is IR signal from the remote. Simply by pointing the remote to the camera and pressing any keys on the remote, you should be able to see the flash as the video below.

    If you could not watch the video, please download the electric curtain remote signal test video here.